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August 31, 2010

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Its hard for me to believe that Mark and I have been parents for almost a year! In less then 25 days Wyatt will be celebrating his first birthday! I am not sure what theme we are going to go with but I know its going to be located at the "water spigots" in Ladera Ranch.  Its a weird feeling to think how fast this year has gone, and yet we still have 17 more years to go :) Wyatt is almost walking.... I say almost because some days he prefers crawling and other days he acts like he has been walking for months.... He brings so much joy into Mark and my life. I am excited to post about his Bday in a few weeks.

Alison and Ryan are Married! They have a very interesting love story (to say the least). They met in Junior High in Japan... then went to the same high school in California.... then after college Alison almost got hit by a car while riding her bike.... the driver was Ryan. Since then they knew that being together was fate! They dated for a total of 3.5 years before Ryan popped the questions, and Mark and I are so glad he did because their wedding was amazing!!!! The clients that put their own little "spin" on their wedding are the best! Alison and Ryan had so many great details at their wedding. We have been so excited to share this post with you! Here are just a few of our favorite images.


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what a fun wedding!

Briony 09/1/2010

Super cute wedding and location. So different.

Ashley 09/1/2010

Absolutely precious!! The colors, the moments…the photography (of course). Just perfect!!

Terra Dawn Photography 09/1/2010

This was a killer wedding guys! You guys nailed this. Soo excited that Wy Wy will be one!! That is CRAZY :) Time flys. love you both to pieces.

Sarah Rhoads 09/1/2010

I love this wedding! I’d love to feature it on Hi-Fi Weddings if the couple cares to share their wedding music info!

fabulous shots!

xox – ashley


Hi-Fi Weddings 09/2/2010

How amazing and beautiful :) Makes me so sad we couldn’t come!!!
Love you both – see ya soon I hope!!

Beth Peterson 09/2/2010

awesome post !! excellent place and excellents photographers :D

luis melo 09/2/2010

wooooow, nice pics! :)

Kah 09/2/2010

Wow- pics look SO awesome so far!! LOVE them.

Kendra 09/2/2010

Wow- the pictures are SO awesome so far!! Amazing! I LOVE them.

Kendra 09/2/2010