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May 19, 2010

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I'm not very old (at all) but at the ripe old age of 25, having somehow stumbled upon buying a house (2 years ago) and having a family (my wife and 8 month old child),  I have noticed myself planning the things I want to do before I die.  I have a few friends that participate in the 101 in 1001 (I have never really participated in one).  I  don't really plan on starting one  because a lot of the goals I have been planning, due to their size, belong more appropriately on a "bucket list." My friend Doug Boutwell has a pretty impressive bucket list, though I don't think that it is written down. One  of his life goals was to get his pilot license and fly somewhere rad. Luckily, he (as well as I) has a pretty amazing wife that will let him do crazy thing like this.

over the last 2 years I  have added a few things to my list... finish my tattoo, publish a book (with little to no words), skydive, learn to sail and fly, live in another country, hand craft my own guitar, watch my son grow up... to name a few. The list goes on and on but I think having a list like this keeps you alive. I love living life like I have yet to complete it. It keeps me alive and kicking.

So these are a few photos (taken with my iphone cause the genius that i am i brought my big fancy camera and no card reader....) of the trip so far...


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Of course your iphone photos rock too. :) Love this post – I have a HUGE bucket list! Got skydiving and living in another country checked off already, but lots more to go! Have a fun trip.

lroah 05/19/2010

Glad you crazy boys are having fun! Doug is lucky to have a friend who will share in his adventures, ’cause I sure as hell won’t! lol. And here’s hoping the barf bag I made you goes unused!

Chenin 05/19/2010

i totally agree that having a (fill in the blank)-list is a necessity in life & keeps you motivated to live life to the fullest. today i was able to cross off another item from my 30-before-30 list & felt so excited about it! have a fun trip & hopefully you can cross something off the list while in mexico! :)

Amanda Waltman 05/20/2010

Kevin wants to skydive too!! We should take a trip…think we could get Candice to jump out of a plane??? Rad post!!

Kelsey Mitchell 05/22/2010

Loving the idea of a bucket list, and the photos from your iphone are so cool! Love the plane views :)

Alexandra 05/28/2010

Chenin was awesome enough to make my own custom barf bag…. (if you did not see the tweet from my last trip with doug there was a TON of turbulence and i barfed…)