Carissa, Brian and Decker: Rad Family!



December 13, 2012

Posted In: Family

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eeeeks…love these photos you captured of them!!! such an awesome little family!!

christina 12/13/2012

They are soooo adorable! Love these shots!

Monica Justesen Photography 12/13/2012

Decker is a little cutie! and that is such a great name!

Michelle Stoker 12/13/2012

We are so excited to post Carissa and Brian’s family shoot. They are such a cute family of 4 (if you include their adorable little dog Bossy). We have been so excited to photograph Carissa and her family for the last 6 months! Carissa and Brian are amazing people, and Decker is honestly the cutest little nugget I have ever seen. Here are just a few¬†shots from their family session. Merry Christmas!