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September 6, 2010

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Happy Labor Day! As mark likes to call it Laborial day... cause he gets the two confused... LOL!  Americans have been celebrating Labor Day since 1882, so it only seemed right to do something special on our blog for this amazing day ( this amazing day without work). This past week we were able to join up with some amazing friends to put together a super fun "Labor Day" themed shoot! There are some shoots that just give you a BIG SMILE for hours after the shoot is over, that was this photo shoot! I have been so excited to post this and share it with everyone on our blog!
Have a great Labor Day, BBQ, Swim, and enjoy the photos below : )

Sign: www.typologieandco.com
Cookies: www.simplysweetcakery.com
Flowers and Design: www.agoodaffair.com
photography: www.markbrooke.net obviously... ;)


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yummy, cookies! Great colors and high five on the location!

Austin Curtis 09/6/2010

Veryyyy cool. chic. rad. tubular.

Adrienne 09/6/2010

SO SO SO cute! I love this!

Katie 09/6/2010

Love the two of you!! :)

Debra Oliver 09/6/2010

Beautiful couple!! :)

Debra Oliver 09/6/2010

lovin it!!

carlie 09/7/2010

awesome!!! I had a ton of fun on this shoot.

Ryan 09/7/2010

awesome post guys

Aaron Shintaku 09/8/2010

fantastic setting and colors.

Jesse Tenorio 09/9/2010

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