Joy and Donny + Beautiful Family!



January 25, 2012

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Mark and I feel sooooo lucky to be a part of an amazing, TALENTED, photography community. Because of this, we get to meet awesome new people and admire a lot of different types of work. I found Joy on a popular wedding blog and immediately fell in love with her photography.  I quickly sent over an email to inquire about her photographing our new family of four... Next thing I know, I start falling in LOVE with Joy and her amazing personality and spirit. What we ended up doing was agreeing to photograph each other's families... So, two weeks ago, we got to spend time with Joy's beautiful family! I am soooo excited because in February, it will be our turn... I don't want to ruin the fun, so you will have to wait to see what Joy has planned for us... Let's just say it involves snow :)


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ahhh, well you know i love you. we are over the moon with our photos! i love that aside from our beautiful photographs you have given us, that my memories are not of trying to wrangle my monkeys or the stress in bribing them to smile, but, instead, i will remember you (candice) being on mark’s shoulders, dancing around, making us laugh and letting us just be and bringing the goodness out organically. thank you for finding me(!) and for giving us the gift of your friendship as well which was just the cherry on top of the big ole’ cake. xoxoxoxo

joy harmon prouty 01/25/2012

LOVE Joy’s work and that you guys photographed each other’s fams. You guys did such an amazing job! So so cute!!! Can’t wait to see how she captures your adorable fam.

xo Jen

jen@greenweddingshoes 01/25/2012

bwoumph. That’s a good thing

Rog 01/25/2012

LOVE this! Way too cute!

Lindye Galloway 01/25/2012

I adore this family shoot! Love your work + love Joy’s work. Awesome.

Shari Vallely 01/26/2012

LOVE these so much (that sunlight is to die for)! I follow Joy’s blog too and I think it’s crazy-awesome you did a photo exchange! Can’t wait to see what snowy wonders she has in store for your family pics!

Amanda Waltman 01/27/2012

Most adorable family EVER!! This is my favorite shoot of yours to date. LOVE

Lyndzee Ellsworth 01/27/2012