Liz and Joe are Married! (Thank You)



January 16, 2013

Posted In: Weddings

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Great work! So many AMAZING photos!

ADAM Coberly 01/17/2013

These are all amazing, but the one of them on the road from a distance is to DIE FOR!

Monica Justesen Photography 01/22/2013

Sometimes, Mark and I need to step back and take a look at our lives. Whenever I do that, I am in awe at what I do for a living and how amazing our little family of 4 is. I have never felt more blessed! Our clients are amazing, our job is incredible and my children could not be more cute! I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed our blog the last 6 years! I know this past year I have kept our blog much more professional compared to past years, where I have spilled my guts out online. ┬áBut honestly, thank you! Thank you for reading our blog posts and loving our photos…our ART! We feel honored to even have an online presence. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am excited to share more awesome clients on our blog in 2013…and be a little more personal from time to time :)

On that note, here is an awesome couple who ROCK! Liz and Joe are soooo in love! We feel honored to be a part of their wedding and we could not be more happy for them and their new marriage! Here are just a few of our favorite images.