Megan + Josh :: An Eastern orthodox wedding



August 2, 2011

Posted In: Weddings

Megan and Josh are two awesome clients of ours that have also been our friends for a long time! Two weeks ago, Mark got to shoot their wedding while I was able to attend as a guest. It was a blast!!!! They are super cute and such a rad couple! It's always fun to be a guest at a wedding (because it rarely ever happens). I spent most of the night going back to their homemade beer bar and eating more cupcakes than one should consume in a week. We love them and are so happy that we got to share in their special day!

Photographer tip: There is no such thing as a "perfect portrait location." You are in charge of finding it! First, find the best light, then use what's around you. For example, a row of palm trees? A fence with vines? A big concrete wall? You can make anything look awesome with good light and a vision.

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thought i already left a comment, but maybe you are moderating… love these!

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