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December 8, 2011

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I usually don't like to share "super personal" stuff on our blog because, to be quite honest, it's intimidating...but I would love to share this blog post with everyone today.

When I was little, I would always wonder about my future (I actually still do that all the time). I would wonder what my first kiss would be like, who I would marry, what my job would be, and occasionally I would think about my beautiful DAUGHTERS. I'm not sure if you caught that—"I would dream about my daughters." Well, if you have been following our blog for a while, you know I am married (to my amazing husband, Mark), and you know I have two sons. When I was only a few weeks pregnant with Wyatt, I remember walking around telling people that I "didn't care if I had a boy or a girl, I just wanted a healthy baby." Later, when I found out I was having a boy, I burst into tears. I then realized that I wanted GIRLS! You are probably wondering, "How on earth is she admitting this on her blog?" Wait for it, I have a point... Then Wyatt was born. MY LIFE CHANGED...FOR THE BETTER! He is our everything—my joy, my love, and one of the reasons I wake up every morning and try to be a better person. Now with Oslo here, that feeling is even more magnified. It's amazing how when you have your own ideas and dreams, God can just come in and completely rock your world with a better reality. I feel so blessed to have the family that I do! This past weekend, I made one of the "top five memories" of my life. We went to Home Depot to get our Xmas tree...we spent most of the time chasing Wyatt and keeping Oslo happy, but when we got home, it became "magical." Christmas music was playing in the background, Mark was cooking dinner, and Wyatt was handing me ornaments one at a time so I could hang them on the tree. I'm not going to lie, I cried then, and I'm crying now. Again, God is truly amazing. The dreams I had as a girl are nothing compared to what has become my reality :)

I am wishing all our blog readers, friends, and clients an AMAZING and blessed holiday season!


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OMG Candice, you and your family are ridiculously gorgeous! Your post was so heart-warming. I truly enjoyed reading about one of your top 5 memories and the amazing pictures that went along with it =)

Audrey 12/8/2011

i love you, candice <3 thank you for sharing this personal post here. you are such a gorgeous, joyful mama and i love watching you continue to grow into the role. you are right: we can never out-do God's will for our lives. i can't wait to have my own tearful Christmas memories with my baby next year! love you!!! xo

angel swanson 12/8/2011

this post is TOO cute!! you have such a beautiful family! :)

anna 12/8/2011

LOOOVVVEEEE this post Candice!! Your family is just beautiful , and God has seriously blessed you big time! So happy to have you in my life! :)

Blair Van Bussel 12/8/2011

You guys are adorable!!! Merry Christmas!

tressie 12/8/2011

Candice- I wished for 3 girls, I got 3 boys. God in all his infinite wisdom knew what my mommy heart needed. I ADORE them :) yours are adorable by the way!

Kimberly 12/8/2011

Your family is absolutely beautiful! Praise God for breaking our dreams and creating new ones that are beyond anything we could imagine!

Lydia 12/8/2011

Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have….Motherhood suits you Candice:) Thanks for sharing with all of us- You and Mark are truly blessed.

BreAnn Ahara 12/8/2011

Candice! This makes me miss you SO much!! You are the CUTEST mom ever, loving it! Thanks for sharing :] Its so great to hear what you have been up to!

Kelsey Smith 12/8/2011

i agree. ridiculously gorgeous.

The Detailed Life 12/8/2011

Adorable post, Candice! Merry Christmas to you and Mark!!!

Lori Anderson 12/8/2011

I too wanted a girl and got a boy. And I love him more than the air I breathe. I may not have gotten what I wanted, but I got what I needed. Great post. Also, that is a really big tree!

Ryan (the girl) 12/8/2011

Candice you are so beautiful and such an incredible person! I love your sweet family. So happy for all your wonderful blessings!!! My life is nothing how I imagined and planned it out to be, but i feel the same way. I am so grateful for the family and life the Lord has blessed me with. :)

angie 12/8/2011

You guys are the cutest! Just missing a little snow there… We have loads, I can send you some… ;)

Elin 12/11/2011

COME ON…. out of control cuteness.
Such a beautiful family!!!

Nicole 12/11/2011

Omgoodnesss I am so jealous of your two cute boys! All I ever imagine/ dream about is having boys; lets see what God has in store for me though. I know whatever His plans for us are BETTER than what we dreamed about! I love my two nephews soooo much~!!!

Brittany Montgomery 12/15/2011

What a beautiful post! For as long as I can remember my family has always had a fake tree and this post makes me want a real one! there’s nothing better than a great family outing like this during the Holidays!

Imthiaz Houseman 12/20/2011