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April 11, 2012

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Well here it is...our office/studio in Costa Mesa! As most of you know, Mark and I used to meet all our awesome clients out of our house in Ladera Ranch.  Well, as our family grew and things changed, we decided that an "out of the home" office space was the next step for us. It has been months and months of decorating and building. Mark actually handmade almost EVERYTHING in the office (he's a MAN!). For us, an office space should be a place that represents us as individuals and our Mark Brooke Brand (hip, fun, artsy, colorful, different)... And now that we have a meeting space, we feel complete!

We are also lucky enough to have Lindye Galloway as our sweet-mate! We love her!

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congratulations! What an awesome studio!!! That is really a cool cool place to work… so much creativity is gonna come out of it :-)

ZWP 04/11/2012

How Rad!!! I especially love the bathroom (weird? no.)

Camille 04/11/2012

what a fun space! i am totally loving the shelves! congrats on the office! :)

Amanda Waltman 04/11/2012

great space guys!! LOVE everything about it! hats off to the decorator ;)

Dolly 04/11/2012

You two have crazy mad skills!!! Congratulations – it looks amazing!

Lisa Roah 04/12/2012

The raddest office in the world… hot dang.

Hannah Collins 04/12/2012

OBSESSED with this space. Amazing Photographers AND Interior designers?!

Aly S. 04/14/2012

Wow, your space is so amazing and so you! Super excited for you guys!

Lydia 04/18/2012

okay, #1 AWESOME #2 Mark, give my new husband some of your skill sets, preferably the handyMAN set #3 I want to go there right now and just hang out. #4 you guys are so rad, I am glad I have gotten to know you both!

Cassie Rivera Gordo 05/17/2012

Just came by to take another look at your new office/studio space. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it all works out for you. That front window is divine! Love all the personal touches. Like that wall! Uh! Nice wallpaper choice!

ajira 05/24/2012

OH.EM.GE. I love your space!! it’s totally amazing and perfect. How fun for you guys to be able to work here!

››MELISSA JANE 12/8/2012