Sara and Douglas, from Germany!



January 24, 2013

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Wow, these are all great, but the last few are perfect!

Monica Justesen Photography 01/24/2013

hi mark and candice! just wondering what beach this was taken at?? i love the shots under the pier! thanks!

torrie asai 01/25/2013

Torrie it was at the Huntington Beach Pier!

admin 02/5/2013

It’s always fun to meet new people and be a part of awesome weddings and family portraits. We had the privilege of spending a few hours with Sara and Douglas and their AMAZINGLY CUTE family a few weeks ago! They are living in Germany but happened to be in town over the holidays and asked us to photograph their little family of four. We had such a great time just playing, being silly and capturing them between snuggles and laughs. Here are just a few of our favorite images!