Sean and Heather Engaged!



February 1, 2012

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Heather and Sean are two amazing people that I met this past fall. When I got Heather's email inquiring about shooting her wedding, I got sooooo excited! Honestly, the world as I know it is getting smaller! Heather knows some of our past clients, and she lives in the area. It's crazy how everyone seems to know everyone "some way or another" in our area. Well, after meeting with Sean and Heather over a cup of coffee, I was convinced that we needed to be a part of their wedding! They are so sweet, cute, and soooo in love! We feel honored that we get to be a part of their wedding... Here are just a few of our favorite engagement images!

NOTE: If you are looking for an amazing massage therapist, Heather is your girl!!! Email us for her contact info!!!


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