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June 14, 2010

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For those of you who have been to our house you know we love Concrete! What? If you are confused dont worry I will explain (when do I not?) Right now its super rad to get Concrete countertops, fireplaces, walls etc....  I had a good friend over last week and all we were talking about was how hard it is to decorate a house (let alone expensive)! They had just bought their house in Washington and they knew it was going to take along time  before it was exactly decorated how they wanted. So I just wanted to throw out an idea to all of you who are in that "house buy/decorating stage", Concrete! We love who did ours, Concrete wave Design!  ..... you know when you tell someone something you think you found thats awesome, and after you told them you get pissed and think "dang it I wanted to keep that to myself?" That is how I am going to feel when I tell you this too..... Check out Its one of Mark and my favorIf design blogs for decorating any room. I thought this would be a fun friday blog post and a great topic going into a weekend of shopping. If you know of any other great decorating blogs, please put them in the comment section

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LOVE your living room! My husband actually works for a designer that makes concrete and zinc countertops – I love them too, so unique. For design blogs I love, I follow: and

Julie 06/14/2010

wow it’s been a long time since i’ve been over here! hi! i’m gonna pass that link onto my man. he made our concrete countertops 5 years ago and they still are sooooo beautiful and awesome!! thanks for the share! 06/14/2010

recently I’ve been stalking a few design/decorating blogs with my wife. We live in nyc and about to upgrade apartments from 450 sq. feet to a whopping 700 sq. feet. We are just ecstatic at that extra 250 sweet square feet we will be getting next month. Some of our favorite blogs:

check them out…hope they bring some inspiration!

Trent 06/14/2010

Oh, there’s that chair again! I fall in love every time I see it…Love your style!

Micaela 06/15/2010

We enjoy Design Sponge | :)

H&K 06/17/2010

Man I love this. I have had a picture of a concrete floor for a couple of years saved on my PC because I love it so much. Now this… I think it looks awesome man. That picture I have is here its second from left.

Jason Ball 06/17/2010

I REALLY don’t want to put a dampner on your love for concrete, Mark, but it’s really pretty environmentally unfriendly :(

Kirsten Mavric 06/17/2010

@ Kristen: Thanks for the heads up!

admin 06/17/2010

It is the production of cement that is so environmentally unfriendly. That being said we use a proprietary mix that uses fly ash in place of cement, a waste product of coal-burning that would otherwise end up in landfills that allows our concrete to be finished not only thinner but we are able to use 25% less cement than normal concrete. ONe other great thing about concrete is that it is almost always locally manufactured leaving a smaller carbon footprint than 95% of all counter tops (i.e. granite from Brazil.)

Andrew Noble 06/25/2010

i have a couple of the same pillows! love concrete <3

Beth 07/25/2010