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December 8, 2009

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Right now Mark and I are in Florida on family vacation. Tomorrow we are going to do a great personal post about our trip, so stay tuned! But until then I can promise you one thing... If  you have any questions about our world and the events that surround us, we know the answer. You'll understand this statement more tomorrow after reading our personal post :) But until then enjoy this rad wedding Mark Brooke Photography shot earlier this month.

Jeff and Vanessa are two crazy awesome people! Vanessa has more energy then the energizer bunny, and Jeff is so sweet everyone wants to hang in is crowd! When Vanessa started the email process with us she was one of the first clients that "out did me"  when it came to extremely dramitic happy emails. lol. I like to use "!" and smile faces :), to show how excited I am to be a wedding photographer. Well Vanessa can write her excitement better then I will ever be able to, and I envey her talen5! Jeff and Vanessa planned their wedding with one thought in mind, they wanted to make their wedding "different" and "non-traditional". We loved every detail and every personal touch they put on the wedding, and we were super excited to be apart of their wedding... enjoy the post!


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What an awesome reception location! Isn’t it the Balboa Park Museum of Photography?

lydia 12/8/2009

wow awesome!

Micah Cordes 12/8/2009

Seriously!? A RED wedding dress!? TOOOOO awesome! Beautiful!

Marissa Rodriguez 12/9/2009

This post is hogging all the awesome sauce! I know this because I went to find some awesome sauce and was informed that you had taking it.

I’m ok with it.

Keep kicking ass!

Nathan Cail 12/9/2009

love the red dress! and such a great location

brittany young 12/9/2009

Vanessa’s dress is KILLER!!!! Actually, the whole wedding day looks super awesome. Great photos from great photographers, as always!

rich 12/15/2009