Vanessa and Tarek are Married!



December 23, 2012

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We love the pictures. Vanessa and Tarek look beautiful and in Love in every picture. :-) Thanks for sharing them.

Myrna Vela 01/6/2013

The depth and authentic essence of your wedding story… The love… The beauty… Each is tenderly captured in every photograph. Simply Artistic! Excellently Beautiful! Moments in Life waiting to be re-visited time and again. Congratulations and continued blessings.

Velma Nora Vela 01/9/2013

It seems like everyone is moving 100 miles an hour since Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I can not tell a lie…I did some last-minute shopping today like the rest of the world :) We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a few days off to rest with their families!!!

We love Vanessa and Tarek! They are kind, funny and soooo in LOVE! We were so excited to work with Details Details and be a part of such a special day! Here are just a few of our favorite images!